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Altexsoft & Fareboom: Building A Cross-Platform Travel App for Flight Schedule Notifications and Post-Purchase Customer Support

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Background is a project by Best Travel Store Inc., a US-based online travel agency. Its core product is a complex travel search and booking engine that integrates with several major inventory providers to offer lower fares and better seating availability. Read about our previous cooperative efforts with Fareboom for a complete system architecture redesign and later on its innovative Price Predictor tool using data science techniques.

In addition to improving the purchasing experience, the Fareboom team had been looking for a way to support customers later in their journey. To fulfill this goal, AltexSoft shared an idea for an application design that eventually morphed into a cross-platform app, Fareboom Mobile.

Once travelers purchase tickets via, the app extracts flight information from their accounts, alerting the traveler on the departure, and notifying them of any changes or delays in their flight schedule. The app allows users to check the original and updated information on the phone, review the flight, and share information with a pickup person. Additionally, a review function allows Fareboom to collect customers’ pictures made on the plane and review the flight to further personalize booking options on the website.

This post-purchase assistance allows Fareboom to increase customer engagement and cultivate brand loyalty.


Fareboom Mobile is aimed at helping users navigate throughout their flight with ease, have access to the latest information from their Android or iOS device, and provide assistance that goes beyond the simple purchase.

To centralize all the flight information including airlines, schedules, gates, and layovers in a simple interface, the AltexSoft team had to address some challenges:  

Choose the development tools to balance performance and achieve simultaneous release for both iOS and Android

Create an intuitive user interface and provide timely and distinct updates to flight information

Ensure the possibility of offline access and implement automated updates

Develop a flight sharing feature for the waiting party

Provide a motivating and engaging flight review system

Value Delivered

Simultaneous Cross-Platform Implementation and Rollout Using Xamarin

By choosing Xamarin as a cross-platform development environment, the AltexSoft team was able to share the core business logic across operating systems without sacrificing performance and, as opposed to fully native development, enable release of the apps on both AppStore and Google Play Market almost simultaneously.

Straightforward User Interface

Travelers can react to the flight changes quickly and adjust their plans right away. As soon as a delay or other disruption occurs, a user is notified and directed at once to the updated information displayed on top of the old information. This provides greater visibility and ensures that travelers will find their gates and board on time.

Consistent Offline Status Handling

When a device is offline, the app informs the user that an update has not been possible and flight information may be inaccurate. As soon as connection is restored, all data is cached and synced immediately. In case a device has been offline for 24 hours, a user can manually update info with the refresh button. Proactive updates mitigate the risks for travelers as disruptions can happen when a user’s phone reconnects from an LTE network to a Wi-Fi, which often happens in airports.

Convenient Flight Sharing with the Meeting Party

For both sides – the arriving and meeting parties – to stay informed about schedule changes, a user can efficiently share flight information via email if the pickup person has the Fareboom Mobile app installed on a smartphone as well.

Aircraft Review System for Social Engagement and Data Collection

Prior to departure, a traveler gets a notification asking them to review the flight in exchange for a $10 coupon. During the flight, users receive a survey asking them to rate the quality of the food, grade crew professionalism, and even include a photo. By providing a pleasing photo, the app encourages travelers to join the experience-sharing process and reveal their likes or dislikes regarding the flight. The review system combined with bonuses increases social engagement and builds a community around the brand. The survey feature also provides valuable data to further rank and personalize booking options for travelers that reflect their flight feedback.

Approach and Technical Info

Fareboom Mobile was developed by a dedicated AltexSoft team consisting of three Android Xamarin developers and three iOS Xamarin developers, two QA engineers, and a Business Analyst. The discussion with the customer was executed by the project leader and transferred to the team.

The project required a complete application UX and UI design, software engineering, and quality assurance.

The work is ongoing as the app undergoes incremental updates to better individualize customer experience.

The technology stack included: Microsoft.NET, C#, Xamarin iOS, Xamarin Android.

Services provided within the project framework: Travel Technology Practice.

Microsoft.NETCrossplatform and Native Mobile