News Update, April 20: Ukraine Keeps Fighting, AltexSoft Invests in Sustainable Growth

For almost two months now, the attention of the whole world has been drawn to the situation in Ukraine. There’s hardly anyone that hasn’t heard about the terrible events that happen every day since Russia launched a full-scale invasion on February 24.

As our readers probably know, Ukraine is the homeland for a large part of AltexSoft’s staff. So, we want to provide you with the latest updates on what’s going on in Ukraine, tell how our company is functioning in this tough time, and share some recent AltexSoft news.

Situation in Ukraine: witnessing incontrovertible evidence of genocide on a large scale in the freed regions, expecting further fighting for Donbas, getting international support

Genocide in the northern regions. In early April, Russian forces left the areas around three major cities in Central Ukraine – Kyiv, Chernihiv, and Sumy, which are now fully under Ukrainian control.

Unfortunately, this retreat has exposed hundreds of atrocities, many still untold, suffered by the Ukrainian civilians at the hands of the Russian Army in Bucha, Irpin, Hostomel, and surrounding territories, making the world shudder with the unimaginable violence as it realizes the scale of the genocide.

Battle for Donbas. Russians are now focusing their efforts on the Donbas region and parts of Southern Ukraine. However, we believe that although the fighting in those territories will continue, after receiving a heavy blow in Central Ukraine, they won’t be able to achieve any noticeable success in new attacks. A number of cities undergoing continuous bombing, are still standing and successfully resisting the aggressor’s attacks.

Worldwide support. The international support of Ukraine is invaluable and continues to only get stronger. The United States Senate has unanimously approved the Ukraine Democracy Lend-Lease Act of 2022 that allows the US government to send weapons and aid to Ukraine quickly and without procedural hurdles.

The European Union keeps crushing the Russian economy with sanctions. It most recently targeted coal imports from Russia and severely limited the access of Russian ships and trucks to the EU.

How we work: staff was evacuated, industry is stable, donations are being collected

Evacuation and resuming operations. Thanks to our collective efforts, the absolute majority of our team has moved to different locations in Western Ukraine and abroad, enabling us to return to working at 95 percent capacity.

Government support for the IT industry. It’s worth noting that the Ukrainian IT industry currently receives full support from the Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation. This is done mainly through commitment to keep existing preferential taxation levels for the industry, implementation of country-wide efforts to maximally postpone mobilization of IT employees, and infrastructural support of the continuous provision of high-speed internet via cable, mobile, and satellite networks.

Fund-raising activities. In addition to reorganizing our internal processes, AltexSoft has been actively supporting people in need. We’ve launched fund-raising campaigns GoFundMe and GiveSendGo to help those in Kharkiv and have already collected more than $50,000 towards our humanitarian efforts.

In just the last month, our employees donated over $30,000 to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces and various volunteer efforts. We will continue our campaigns for the foreseeable future, so if you’d like to join, please visit the links above.

AltexSoft news: holding an event in Georgia, recruiting worldwide, acquiring Starlink, launching AltexSoft lab, and moving towards our strategic plans

As for other AltexSoft news, there’s a lot going on regardless of the difficult situation, so we have many reasons to be proud and excited.

Event in Tbilisi. On April 7th, we held a recruiting meetup “Come. Get. Join”, in Tbilisi, Georgia, focusing on expanding our pool of technology professionals in Georgia. This event aligns with our commitment to expand our R&D center in Georgia to at least 50+ professionals by the end of 2022.

International recruitment. Besides Georgia, as part of our recruitment and relocation efforts, our team has now expanded its presence in more than 20 countries worldwide, from Portugal to the United States and even Japan.

Starlink terminals. Recently, we purchased eight Starlink terminals, which allow users to get satellite Internet access. We will be using four of them to provide additional Internet access lines for our offices in Western Ukraine, donating the other four to support several Ukrainian army headquarters close to the combat front lines.

Global recognition. On April 5, AltexSoft was recognized among the 500 fastest-growing companies in the Americas by Financial Times. It is the second year in a row for us; this time, we placed 329th on the list. And earlier, on March 15, AltexSoft was ranked 90th on the list of fastest-growing private companies in the Pacific region in the US as evaluated by Inc 5000.

AltexSoft Lab launch. We are excited about our launching of renewed AltexSoft Lab. It’s our international internship program for people who want to gain master as an IT professional. The candidates will obtain access to our proprietary, unique learning materials, have a 2-months training, and then get the opportunity to work in our company.

Strategic plans. We also managed to return to a number of our strategic transformation projects and are now catching up with plans for this year, including the launch of new office locations and implementing an efficient customer success management process.

So, as you can see, Ukraine is succeeding in the fight against a formidable aggressor. And we at AltexSoft transmute our business to adapt to the changing environment, continuing to bring the latest technology innovations to our clients.

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