AltexSoft Expands to the Country of Georgia Launching New Tech Hub in the Region

Atlanta, GA – 26 August 2021 — AltexSoft, a technology consulting company, expands its presence to Georgia. The company already has offices in Ukraine and the USA. Now AltexSoft starts actively building a consulting and engineering team in Georgia.

Today, IT is one of the fast-developing industries in the country. The government, local IT community, and international organizations contribute to this growth with a number of initiatives. Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA) provides educational and financial support to aspiring tech entrepreneurs. StrategEast IT HUB enables IT training. And the government eased the taxation for IT companies. All these put Georgia among attractive destinations for engineering services in the region. 

“As a company, we always look for strategic opportunities ” — says Oleksandr Medovoi, President and CEO of AltexSoft. — “And Georgia has all prerequisites of becoming a powerful West-oriented tech hub with a thriving community and skilled tech talents.”

In Georgia, AltexSoft will keep a strategic focus on creating strong consultancy and technology expertise in travel & transportation, data & analytics, applied AI, software engineering, and product management.

About AltexSoft

AltexSoft is a technology consulting company that focuses on travel tech and data services. For over 14 years, we have been modernizing existing solutions, improving customer experience, and helping companies tap into their data potential with predictive analytics and machine learning. Over 200 clients worldwide have chosen us as their technology consulting partner.

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