AltexSoft Becomes AWS Select Tier and Service Delivery Partner

Atlanta, GA — April 27, 2023 — AltexSoft, a Travel & Hospitality Technology Consulting company, received AWS Select Tier Partnership as a service delivery firm. 

AWS Select Tier Partnsehip recognizes organizations that have proved their technical expertise via AWS certification, have a track record of successful client projects, and show potential to further advance their engineering excellency. 

Select tier companies have several partner programs to choose from depending on their area of expertise. This allows businesses looking for software engineering services to find a technology partner that employs corresponding tech professionals. The service delivery program — that AltexSoft is a part of — validates companies that specialize in engineering, cloud migration, and running software products within the AWS ecosystem. This includes mastery of databases, serverless tools (e.g. AWS Lambda), compute services, management applications, and more. 

Besides, AltexSoft receives funding benefits for migration projects and Proof-of-Concept (PoC) development, which can potentially streamline engineering and cut service costs. 

Currently, AltexSoft has five AWS-certified professionals:

  • two solutions architects, 
  • two cloud practitioners, 
  • and a developer. 

If your organization considers software engineering services and the AWS cloud suite, you can find AltexSoft’s profile in the AWS partner listing.  

The first certification for a solutions architect AltexSoft received back in 2019

About Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform for companies and individuals. AWS offers over 200 fully featured services for computing, storage, database, network, and analytics. Among AWS solutions is a wide range of products for mobile and hybrid application development, management, and deployment.

About AltexSoft

AltexSoft is a technology consulting company specializing in travel tech and data services. With over 15 years of experience, AltexSoft has modernized existing solutions, improved customer experience, and helped companies in the travel industry improve their online presence and tap into their data potential with predictive analytics and machine learning. Over 200 clients worldwide have chosen AltexSoft as their technology consulting partner.

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