AltexSoft Will Host a Series of Meetups on Transforming Business Intelligence Using AI in Washington and Atlanta

  • Oct 22-24, 2019
  • Washington, DC, Atlanta, Georgia

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AltexSoft will hold Data Science and Artificial Intelligence meetups in Washington, DC on October 22, and in Atlanta, Georgia, on October 24. The events are aimed at business owners and executives who use business intelligence (BI) in their organizations and plan to improve their data-management strategy. Our Data Science Competence Leader, Alexander Konduforov, will explain how to transform a business using data.

During the meetups, Alexander Konduforov will clarify the impact of AI and machine learning in business, discuss the difference between Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence, and explain how both must be a part of an organization’s data strategy. He will also talk about the advantages of AI implementation in existing data analytics solutions. You can attend the events for free, but you need to fill out the registration form to make sure your seat is reserved.

Dates and venues

Washington: October 22, at the Arlington Tech eXchange, Wilson Blvd. #610, Arlington, VA 2300. Follow the link to the registration form.

Atlanta: October 24, at 6:30 PM at the Atlanta Tech Village, 3423 Piedmont Rd. NE, GA 30305. Follow the link to the registration form.

You can also schedule a meeting with Alexander, using the form on the page, to ask the questions regarding the topic.

About the speaker

Alexander Konduforov is a Machine Learning Engineer and Data Science Competence Leader at AltexSoft. Alexander has over ten years of experience in Machine Learning modeling and development, technical consulting, and project management.

Data Science Competence Leader

Alexander Konduforov

Data Science Competence Leader