Fjord Tours is a Norwegian tours, activities and hotel provider which has been on the international market since 1982. The company sells round trip tours to explore Norway. Fjord Tours sell package tours consisting mainly of transport elements like trains, boats and buses. They target travelers looking for a hassle free solution to experiencing Norway.

AltexSoft team was engaged by Fjord Tours to make website UX more user-friendly and enable transportation operators, who don’t have direct integration with client’s booking platform, to validate tickets purchased as a part of tours.


The overall work scope comprised the following challenges:

  • Develop a ticket validation app for iOS and Android platforms
  • Website UX redesign
  • Create a blog section with client’s CMS integration

Value Delivered

  • 18-Ticket-script_1

    Building ticket validation app for transport operators

    Fjord Tours worked on a new platform for package trips booking. The trips require ticket reservation from different transport providers. As a rule, Fjord Tours has a direct connection with transport operators’ reservation systems, but some of them don’t support it. In such cases, Fjord Tours uses its internal Transport Allotment service that keeps all prices, bookings, and allotments in one place and generates QR codes for tickets. AltexSoft team designed and developed a simple cross-platform mobile app to scan and validate these QR codes on iOS and Android electronic devices. The app was developed using Xamarin platform.
  • Improved UX and information architecture

    Working with Fjord Tours, our team updated website UX. This project segment embraced the development of new navigation elements, including bars, and overall website UI/UX design improvement.
  • 9-fintech-startup_4

    Developing and integrating blog section

    AltexSoft developed complete blog section, based on the Umbraco content management system that Fjord Tours uses. The blog section consists of four types of pages: home page, article page, important facts page, and media content page. Our team has implemented the blog section using .NET Framework, the core technology of the Umbraco stack.

Approach and Technical Info

The duration of the project was about 581 man-hours. It was completed by a team of six professionals: a designer, an engineer, a front-end developer, a back-end developer, a QA tester, and a project manager.

The technology stack for this task included C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, .NET Framework, ASP.NET, Xamarin.

Services provided within the project framework: Travel Technology Practice.

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