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AltexSoft Enhances Front- & Back-Office and Builds a Marketing Website for an OTA

Business domain


Our client is a US-based, online travel agency that finds and books flights, hotels, vacations, and transportation worldwide. The company caters to individual and corporate travelers. They reached out to AltexSoft with a number of goals, including completing holistic system redesign, designing and creating a new customer website, and building a separate back-office operations management system for agents to operate user data.


Working with a client, our team addressed the following scope of tasks:

Develop a platform for customer data management

Build an engaging customer-focused website with modern interface

Modernize booking engine, based on existing client’s backend

Value Delivered

Enhanced back-office operations

As an online travel agency, a client receives a number of phone calls and requests from customers. This requires a convenient system for customer data management that allows agents to manage the incoming calls and match them with the reservations, solving customer problems faster. AltexSoft’s team of engineers built a platform called OPS Center that facilitates finding, retrieving, and updating customer data. The OPS Center helps agents work with customer data in real time, see the details of their reservations, search for customer booking details, and update them. Our task was to create a new system architecture and integrate it with the client’s CMS. Grounding on a new backend system, we fully designed the platform’s frontend. The system’s interface comprised full layout development, design of various UI dashboard elements, including filters for incoming calls, online and offline bookings, and inquiry profiles. The back-office platform is built on React.

Recreated a customer-focused website to enhance user experience

Our goal was to make the website more convenient and visually attractive for users for the purpose of increasing the number of bookings. Working with the client’s CMS, Apostrophe, powered by Node.js, we revamped the website’s UX/UI design. Our team completely redesigned the existing website to simplify a visitor’s experience and increase overall customer engagement. The website is built using React-Redux.

Advanced flight search

As our client had an outdated booking engine, both in terms of design and technical features, our team completely revamped the solution’s back- and frontend. In addition, the team integrated Amadeus GDS into the booking engine, using SOAP API. We also improved the booking engine adding a calendar via Amadeus Master Pricer API so that company’s customers can see predicted fares for the closest dates while searching for flights.

Approach and Technical Info

The project’s duration was 14 man-years for the described scope. It was completed by a team of fourteen professionals: 7 JavaScript Engineers, 2 QA testers, a UX/UI Designer, a UI specialist, a business analyst, a project manager, and a DevOps engineer.

The cooperation between a client and AltexSoft is ongoing.

The technology stack for this project included Node.js 10, React 16, Redux.

Services provided within the project framework: Travel Technology Practice.