AltexSoft Helps the Innovative Digital Ticketing Company Enrich Its Offering with Mobile Capabilities and Powerful Analytics Tool

Business domain
Media & Entertainment


The client is a leading digital ticketing software provider. Operating in a number of countries worldwide, the company provides tools to help event organizers sell tickets directly from their website or Facebook page. Being an alternative for the third-party online platforms, the company offers a total control over the ticket distribution. In addition to that, the event organizers get additional instruments to help them optimize the sales process and customize the tickets for specific types of events, like one- or multi-day events, ongoing events (exhibitions), events with multiple access types. At the time the client contacted AltexSoft, the company was actively expanding and needed to enhance the existing solution with a number of updates and additional features. Thus, the tasks we handled were:
  • Optimize the ticket layout to enable more flexibility for different event types
  • Tie Android-based application to the existing web platform for better ticket distribution on-site
  • Implement advanced analytical capabilities for event organizers


Value Delivered

The product has become successful, attracting over $10 million in venture funding. Since its launch, the solution was used by more than 100,000 events in different countries, helping the organizers sell millions of tickets.

Complete revamp of the ticket layout builder system

As the company serves different kinds of events, there is a need to offer extensive ticket customization options. The implemented solution was based on the open source WebKit engine. This allows for easy customization, as the tool uses separate blocks to build up a ticket. Thus, the ticket blocks can be easily rearranged depending on the specifics of a given event. The HTML code is then converted into convenient pdf format.

REST interface development for a mobile ticket sales application

In order to allow the event organizers to grow the revenue, our client came up with the idea of an on-site ticketing app that would enable last-minute ticket sales. The main task our team needed to handle was the seamless integration of the app with the existing system. In order to do that, we have developed a sustainable API which allows the app users to access the main database through an intuitive dashboard. Using the dashboard, the event organizer can manage the sales remotely and sell tickets directly at the venue.

Custom statistics and reporting tools

The main business benefit of the client’s product is its transparency and intelligent management capabilities which empower the event organizers to get the full control over the ticketing process and sales. The latter is enabled by a powerful analytics tool, custom-built by AltexSoft team. It provides the access to the rich customer data, including their purchasing behavior, their habits, the devices they use, the traffic sources. By using this info, the organizers gain valuable insights which allow them to optimize their sales process and achieve higher revenue numbers.

Approach and Technical Info

The cooperation was managed using the team extension model. At different stages throughout the process, there were from 3 to 5 team members, including software engineers and QA experts. The project duration and technology stack cannot be disclosed due to the agreement with the client. Services provided within the project framework: Engineering Services.