Digital-i Ltd. is a UK-based leading provider of rating and reporting solutions in the media and broadcasting industry. Founded in 2003, the company specializes in providing timely and accurate information about television viewing on a regular basis, along with powerful audience insights and professional consultancy for broadcasters and production companies.

Initially having most of the analysis conducted on the Excel spreadsheet, the system became outdated and inept to meet the evolving business needs. Therefore, the client turned to AltexSoft to transform the tool into a modern SaaS solution.

Business Challenges

Provided with the detailed technical specifications, our team dug into the existing Excel-based solution to get a rigorous understanding of the underlying formulas and business logic.

The final product, the Rocket Digital tool, had to meet the strict requirements set by the client. Namely:

  • Completely automated data processing and output
  • High report generation speed
  • System flexibility and configurability
Sam Randoll

Sam Randoll,Director of Operations at Digital-i Ltd., United Kingdom

Having started working with AltexSoft after a personal recommendation nearly two years ago, we haven't looked back. Our project required a large amount of industry specific methodology and algorithms to be implemented into our new software, which the team handled well. Also, the post development support that AltexSoft have provided has been first class.

Value Delivered

Working on a project, the AltexSoft team produced a highly flexible desktop application with a data-heavy backend. The tool uses the information sourced from Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board (BARB) to form accurate records based on the custom criteria, set by the end user. Thus, the data can be configured as needed, grouped by a channel, audience or program, and transformed into comprehensive reports. Accordingly, the following valuable results were provided to the client:
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    Streamlined business processes

    The data processing and report generation have been developed to be fully automated and require minimum human intervention. Per user inquiry the system can generate highly accurate overnight data (rounded up to second decimal) in a convenient CSV file format.
  • 2-Bally-Technologies_4

    High capacity and optimized performance

    The solution’s back-end runs on three dedicated servers, processing large data sets in real time. Using Task Parallel Library (TLP), our team was able to increase the speed of operation.
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    Advanced report customization

    The application allows for high-degree report customization: users can set specific requirements to tailor the provided info according to their business needs. This helps them focus on valuable industry insights, leaving all the unnecessary data aside.

Approach and Technical Info

The dedicated team of two, project lead and software engineer, was assigned to the project full-time. This allowed us to deliver the product within 5 months from the start date.

The technology stack included:
Microsoft.Net, C#, WPF, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, SQL Server, etc.

Services provided within the project framework: Digital Transformation.

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