Cyberclick Marketing Inc. is a US-based company, providing lead generation software solutions for Financial and Banking industry players. It has been operating since 2009, and has released a number of SaaS products.

One of the products, built by AltexSoft, is a white-label website builder solution for the financial market.

Business Challenges

Addressing the need for an efficient lead generation tool, the solution had to serve as an intermediary between payday lending providers (mostly banks) and consumers looking for loans.

The product’s goal was to create completely customizable landing pages, including lead capture forms. Thus, a potential borrower can come across the website and provide his contact info as a loan request. The company, acting as a broker, will forward the prospect info to the banks who can process the loan request.

Handling this intricate project, our team faced the following challenges:

  • Implement a white-label website builder solution
  • Extend the functionality of the original CMS with custom modules
  • Automate the interactions within the system
Adam Mateljan

Adam Mateljan,VP of Operations at Cyberclick Marketing Inc., United States

I was impressed by AltexSoft's professionalism. Normally that comes across as salesmanship, but in this case it was the real developers and project managers working directly with our team - they even took the time to teach our in-house development staff about the code they were writing and how to manage the product internally! In closing I was impressed. I have a long ugly history with outsourcing and was, admittedly, gun shy about using any outsourcing again. AltexSoft's approach was refreshing as they became a part of our team during the project. They worked directly with us daily. They show a real expertise in both business and technology and the marriage of the two. Furthermore, AltexSoft delivered the product that we needed not just the product that we thought we wanted. Thanks to AltexSoft for bringing back my faith in working with technological outsourcing and for delivering what we needed.

Value Delivered

The solution, developed by AltexSoft, has proven to ease administration efforts and minimize the acquisition cost of leads through the use of:
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    Custom Website Builder

    The Form Wizard tool, built by our team, is the core feature of the product. Using a drag-and-drop option, or by simply uploading the XML file, the users can create unique landing pages and custom lead capture forms. Thus, the process is effortless and quick - The websites are designed and deployed within minutes, with no engineering effort.
  • 12-Cyberclick-Marketing_2

    Configurable and Flexible Solution

    To enrich the functionality of the core product, we have integrated 30+ custom add-ons. Orchard Gallery module, for example, was implemented to contain custom website templates used to design the actual lending pages. Another plugin was used to enable the notifications within the system.
  • mseven

    Automated Lead Pocessing

    The system processes every loan request automatically: It matches the banks based on their individual metrics with potential borrowers. If there is no bank that is able to fill the request, an automated message is sent to the user. This ensures efficient and transparent interactions within the system, and saves on administrative costs for running the product.

Approach and Technical Info

AltexSoft has been engaged in the full-cycle of the system development: From initial planning and architecture design, to development and ongoing support. The project was delivered within 9 months by a team of engineers including a Project Lead, 3 Software Engineers and a QA Engineer.

The SDK uses Orchard CMS enriched by a set of custom modules as the core technology. In this regard, the following technology stack was used: C#, JavaScript, ASP.NET, Ajax, MS SQL Server, etc.

Services provided within the project framework: Engineering Services.

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