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AltexSoft Upscales the Client’s Business through a Custom Clinic Management Tool and Its Further Transformation into a SaaS Product

Business domain
Health Care


The client, a practicing Canadian physician, turned to AltexSoft looking for a technology solution to efficiently run his clinic.

The goal was to build a Clinic Management System, able to handle appointments, patients’ files, and invoices. Managing multiple staff members, the client needed a powerful tool that could work with numerous users, different access permissions and safely store patient’s data in private client portals.


The project started as an internal software solution for our client, but eventually evolved into a complex SaaS system, distributed among the private clinics and clinic chains. Thus, there have been 3 major stages and challenges AltexSoft handled within this project:

Moving the internal clinic business processes and administration to the cloud

Transforming the product into a SaaS product with a subscription-based business model

Expanding business reach with multi-clinic access

Value Delivered

AltexSoft team was involved throughout the development process and contributed greatly to the product’s evolution. Our work created a sequence of valuable outcomes for the client’s business, transforming an internal company tool into a successful independent software product.

Easy Clinic Management and Streamlined Internal Processes

With the help of the new administration tool, the client was able to reduce the efforts and cost associated with running the clinic. Cloud infrastructure allowed the staff and patients to easily access the files and reports from any device and any location and collaborate efficiently in terms of appointment management and treatment.

Business Model Transformation, Established Revenue Stream

As the client saw the potential in the SaaS model, our team had to implement interface customization options and transform the product into a full-fledged clinic management platform. Introducing the subscription-based business model, the client ensured the steady revenue stream - the system has become a day-to-day working platform for 20 customers within 6 months since its launch in beta.

User-Base Growth and Future Revenue Increase

Introduction of multi-user features and admin permissions within the system allowed the client to expand its business and engage with large clinic chains, thus providing his business with a stable revenue stream.

Approach and Technical Info

The project team consisted of a Technical Project Lead, a Software Engineer, a Front-End Engineer, a UX Architect and a UI Designer. The project was built using Drupal CMS due to its high customizability and powerful admin panel. Technology stack included PHP, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

The product was developed within 9 months. As the active development phase is over, AltexSoft currently provides ongoing support.