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AltexSoft Develops Powerful Cloud POS Platform for the Industry's Leading Pawnbroker Solution Provider

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Operating in the sphere of inventory management products since 1988, Bravo Store Systems LLC. is one of the major Point-of-Sale players in the US market with $20 million invested in its technologies and processes. It has released 3 generations of pawn systems, the last one being a huge success, recognized with case studies by eBay and Microsoft.

The solution, available before the start of their cooperation with AltexSoft, was an enterprise level point of sale software solution offering eCommerce capabilities, professional product evaluation and assessment tool and CRM features. However, the setup and maintenance of this system was too costly for most small and medium business to be able to afford.


AltexSoft faced the following challenges:

Redesigning the software system architecture to make it cost effective, easy to set up and run, and thusly more affordable for small and medium business owners;

Open software architecture implementation to ensure the system’s flexibility and future scalability;

Moving the database, and some of the business logic to the private cloud.

Value Delivered

Working on the project from scratch, AltexSoft conducted a complete software architecture redesign, custom software engineering, QA and data analysis in order to migrate the existing info to the new system and structure it within the new database.

Due to the reduced cost and better performance of the software solution, the product became more attractive to small and medium business owners. Increased availability to clients resulted in a significant boost to the company’s revenue.

Specifically, the outcomes of the AltexSoft work were:

Lower Maintenance Cost

Being a modern cloud-based solution, the product does not require any specific hardware or additional software: A simple computer or tablet with an internet connection is enough to access the system. As a result, the upkeep cost is reduced by 25%.

Unlimited Scalability

The system has been developed using modern and flexible technologies, which allows for simple and quick upgrades and endless growth opportunities. The new features are easily added and distributed within every new build.

Secure and Stable Processes

All the data is well-structured, encrypted and safely stored in the cloud. The system uses special security licensing and has a 99.95% uptime.

Approach and Technical Info

The dedicated team approach had been chosen, based on the client’s request to keep the management staff on their side and still have all the software engineers fulltime assigned to the project. The project team consists of 9 team members, including technical project leader, software engineers, and QA engineers.

The following set of technologies was used within the project: C#, Microsoft. NET, and MS SQL Server.

It took the team 12 months to launch the first version of the product.  The further system development is still in progress, resulting in over 6 years of cooperation between AltexSoft and Bravo Store Systems.