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AltexSoft Co-Builds One of a Kind Mobile Inventory Management Tool for the Leading Pawn Industry SaaS Provider

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Bravo Store Systems LLC. is a leading SaaS provider of integrated Point-of-Sale and inventory management solutions. The company has been working with AltexSoft for over 6 years, developing its core product, a cloud-based pawn software platform.

To help the client keep up with ever-changing market requirements, AltexSoft implemented Bravo Mobile. The main objective of the project was to provide the business owners with additional tools to easily and efficiently manage the inventory and staff from any location.

Mobile apps automate the routine tasks, and minimize the effort of running a small business with help of convenient and modern tools. Also, having the opportunity to manage inventory, from any location, from any device, is an invaluable benefit for many pawnshop owners.


The main purpose of Bravo Mobile was to introduce a helpful inventory and staff administration tool in addition to the desktop solution. The apps needed to run across all major mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and complement the functionality of the platform, creating additional flexibility for Bravo users.

Implementing a mobile version of the system, AltexSoft has specifically focused on the following:

Optimizing inventory search on mobile devices;

Convenient item information management and updates;

Remote staff and permissions administration.

Value Delivered

Adding extra resources to the project core team, AltexSoft addressed the challenges listed above. As a result, our team’s effort produced the following benefits for the client.

1. Quick Search by Barcode

Using Bravo Mobile app, a store manager can search for the required info about a specific item while at the warehouse. This can be done by scanning an item’s barcode with the device’s camera or by simply inputting its inventory number. Thus, all the data about any item is available to the user in a single click.

2. Remote Multimedia Management

While at the warehouse, a store manager can take a picture of an item or choose an image on the mobile device and upload it to the store database. This data is then synced with the integrated online retail channels, resulting in a higher sales volume.

3. Instant Notification System

Having a pending offer, a staff member can send out a push notification with the information about the transaction and request the admin’s approval. The manager can decline, or allow the operation, using the Bravo mobile app. This speeds up the pawnshop business processes and provides employee mobility while keeping the operations secure.

Approach and Technical Info

Bravo mobile includes iOS and Android apps developed using the Xamarin platform. It is based on the C# programming language and .Net framework - the core AltexSoft technologies.

The stable release version of the product was developed within 7 months, including the requirements specification, technology research, UX design, and development. The team  adds new features to the project on a regular basis.

Microsoft.NETCrossplatform and Native Mobile