Bravo Store Systems LLC. is a leading SaaS provider in the sphere of integrated Point-of-Sale and inventory management solutions. The company has been cooperating with AltexSoft for over 6 years, developing its cloud-based pawn platform. marketplace is the company’s subsidiary project, aimed at expanding its reach and delivering additional value to the systems’ end users. It is a feature-rich marketplace, fully integrated with the core Bravo system, with a strong focus on used goods.

Business Challenges

Having previously partnered with AltexSoft, Bravo Store Systems requested additional assistance in order to build a marketplace for its customers to sell used goods online. The concept was to extend the available distribution channels with a specialized eCommerce platform. To bring the client’s vision to life, our team worked to address the following:

  • Provide users with multiple eCommerce capabilities (auctions, offers, trading exchange features);
  • Enable a flawless inventory management experience and full synchronization with Bravo system;
  • Optimize the database performance and overall system efficiency.
Kelly York

Kelly York,Director of Software Development at Bravo Store Systems, United States

AltexSoft listened to our needs and made sure we were getting the correct value for the service provided. Their leadership recognized our requirements and their groups efforts materialized. It became a very cohesive relationship.

Value Delivered

As the result of the cooperation, AltexSoft engineers have created a full-featured eCommerce marketplace, allowing Bravo’s clients to extend their distribution capabilities and trade their inventory online. Buya features include categorized inventory, extended filtering and search options, offers, auctions, shopping cart and payment integrations. Specifically, the following results have been achieved:
  • 1. Complex Business Logic and Solid Software Architecture

    Being an innovative eCommerce platform, Buya provides several purchasing options: the users can buy goods on the spot, make offers and negotiate the price or place their bids. These complex buyer-seller interactions imply sophisticated business logic, so the corresponding software architecture was developed by AltexSoft team to enable real-time purchase/transaction status updates and efficient user interactions.
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    2. Seamless Integration and Synchronization with Bravo System

    Using custom API, Buya ties into the Bravo inventory management system. This allows users to conduct efficient store administration: Keep track of all their orders and transactions, manage auctions and monitor their stocks. Thus, Buya serves as an added value solution for Bravo system, and complements it in terms of goods distribution.
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    3. High Database Performance and Overall Software Efficiency

    Buya has a complex search engine whiсh allows the users to navigate within the inventory and find selected goods using a set of sophisticated filters. To keep this process fast and efficient, AltexSoft has improved database performance using denormalization. In other words, precomputed filtering results are stored in a database and are immediately available upon request from the user. This reduces the number of queries the system has to make to get the necessary data, thus greatly boosting the overall software performance.

Approach and Technical Info

The AltexSoft team provided end-to-end services to build the marketplace from scratch. The first live version of the website was launched within 6 months from the start of the project, developed by a dedicated team of 5 engineers.

For the last 4 years, the team has continued to expand the functionality of the platform, adding new features on a regular basis.

The technology stack of the project included:
C#, Microsoft.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, AngularJS, and multiple third-party APIs.

Services provided within the project framework: Technology Consulting.

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