Cloud Technologies

Cloud technologies have become an essential way of delivering content and services for almost every kind of business from online stores to medical facilities with remote patient nursing. The rapid consolidation of markets has created the need for software systems to become more interrelated in order to provide for the necessary functionality at highest possible speed.

The AltexSoft team focuses on two main cloud-computing platforms: Windows Azure and Amazon Web Services. Our Azure solutions come in both no-SQL and relational data storage models. Though the two varieties have become a subject for a heated discussion in the last few years, both of them have their advantages, depending on the project’s specifics. We put effort into letting you fully benefit from Azure’s key features, such as the elastic scalability – the ability to add or remove capacity from the application depending on user demand. The load balancing function enables us to improve response time and avoid overload, and geo-replication provides for additional data durability in case of a major data center disaster.

The same is true for the Amazon-based solutions using Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). While developing your solution we take advantage of the Simple Storage Service (S3) data store (which can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data at any time) and Relational Database Service (RDS) (making it easy to set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud). What AltexSoft clients value is having the confidence that our team will take every step necessary to make the end product surpass expectation.

Besides that, cleverly using the cloud technologies may also help save your customers’ money, thus ensuring the product’s commercial success. As opposed to the traditional software license algorithm, a SaaS application allows subscription based on metered usage: “pay for what you use”. Though it may actually sound like profit loss at first, this model is of great advantage today, when people do everything they can to get out of paying disproportionate sums of money for products they only use a few times, and end up downloading unlicensed software.

Advanced technologies and techniques give us an opportunity to increase the projects’ ROI without any quality loss, and this is not a mere advertising trick. What you get at the output are systems designed for unlimited scalability and capable for processing enormous amounts of data at a reasonable price.

Cloud Technologies

  • MS Azure
  • Amazon EC2