Priority boarding

Priority boarding (also called priority access or preferred access) is a service that some airlines offer to passengers, granting them the right to get on the plane before the general boarding groups. 

Flyers with priority boarding avoid long lines, get guaranteed access to overhead bins, have more time to settle in their seat, and, if there’s no specific seat assigned, have the right to choose the one they prefer.

Depending on the airline and the ticket type, priority boarding can be obtained in different ways:

  • buying priority boarding as an add-on when booking tickets or checking in online;  
  • having a frequent flyer elite status with the airline or its alliance partners;
  • purchasing a higher fare class (first class, business class, etc.);
  • having a co-branded credit card with the airline that offers priority boarding as a perk;
  • being a corporate traveler with an eligible travel agreement with the airline, etc.

If purchased as an add-on, priority boarding can vary in price and availability depending on the airline, the route, and the demand.

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