A wholesaler in the travel industry is a company that buys travel products and services in bulk from suppliers such as airlines or hotels at discounted rates. These products can include hotel rooms, airline tickets, rental cars, and activities like tours and excursions

Once they’ve purchased these products, most wholesalers (e.g., bed banks or airline consolidators) sell them to other businesses (e.g., travel agencies) at a marked-up price. However, other business models are also possible. For example, tour operators or DMCs buy travel products in bulk, bundle them to create travel packages, and distribute them via retailers (or sometimes even directly to travelers). 

Additionally, wholesalers often provide technology solutions and support services to help travel sellers manage their inventory and bookings. Wholesalers are an essential part of the travel industry ecosystem as they act as intermediaries between travel suppliers and sellers, facilitating the distribution of travel products and services.

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