Upselling is a marketing technique in which the business offers customers a higher-quality product or service than the one they’re purchasing. Often, upselling implies offering discounted rates for higher-value products to entice the customer to make the purchase.

Upselling is one of the revenue management strategies that aims at increasing sales volume and generating additional revenue. It also helps to get more information about the customer and enhance their experience.

Upselling techniques in the travel industry are often implemented either during the booking process or in the period between reservation and the time the service is used. 

Upselling usually involves informing the traveler about premium options available and/or offering exclusive, time-limited opportunities. For example, in hospitality, the hotel might be offering a room upgrade, a prolonged stay, or a package. In aviation, upselling might be about upgrading the seat class; while in T&A, it might involve offering a private tour instead of a group one.

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