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An amenity is a feature or facility that makes a place more comfortable, convenient, or enjoyable for the people who live or visit there. For example, some tangible amenities that can be found in a residential or commercial area are

  • a swimming pool, 
  • a gym, 
  • a park, 
  • a shopping center, etc.

Amenities can also be features inside a building or a home, such as air conditioning, internet access, or a fireplace. 

Intangible amenities might include a pleasant view, a convenient location, or safe surroundings.

The term is often used in hospitality to describe the additional items and services that affect the attractiveness of a property, as well as guests’ satisfaction and comfort. Some amenities are often included in the rate plan (e.g., toiletries, Wi-Fi access, breakfast, pool access, etc.), while there are additional charges for others (e.g., minibar items, spa treatment, laundry service, etc.). The range and quality of amenities vary greatly depending on the hotel class.