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IATA number

An IATA number (or IATA Numeric Code) is a unique seven-digit code assigned to IATA-certified travel agencies that want to distribute air tickets and/or gain industry recognition. In addition, an airline’s own points of sale or sales offices also have an IATA number as a location identifier.

An IATA number is assigned to those travel agencies that underwent IATA accreditation, either full or partial. Both programs grant certified agents worldwide recognition as trustworthy and financially viable partners, allowing them to join the global industry community, but only the full IATA accreditation package allows travel businesses to issue tickets on behalf of airlines and process transactions via the Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP).

The IATA number is similar to the ARC number, the only difference being that the ARC accreditation is for US-based agencies only, while IATA serves travel companies worldwide.