International Air Transport Association or IATA is the global trade association of airlines (both freight and passenger) that regulates the aviation industry by developing standards, procedures, and practices. As of today, it has 290 airline members in 120 countries comprising around 82 percent of total air traffic.

As stated on IATA’s official website, its mission is “to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry.” It means that IATA advocates for the interests of airlines on the world stage in addition to creating industry standards that

  • simplify processes,
  • increase safety,
  • enhance passenger convenience,
  • reduce costs,
  • improve efficiency, and
  • help achieve sustainability goals.

This way, IATA regulations benefit all parties involved, i.e., airlines, travel agents, passengers, customers, ground handlers, and others. IATA also offers expert services, professional support, and educational options to industry stakeholders.

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