HORECA (also spelled HoReCa) is an acronym that stands for Hotel, Restaurant, and Café/Catering. It is used predominantly in Europe and some other regions to collectively refer to the sectors of the hospitality industry that serve food and beverages, as well as provide accommodations. In other words, the term offers a concise way to describe businesses and operations that cater to consumers seeking out-of-home food, drink, and lodging experiences.

The HORECA sector encompasses a wide range of businesses, from luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants to casual cafés, food stalls, and catering services. 

Some of the recent trends that shape the HORECA industry are 

  • the increased use of mobile technology to research and make reservations or order food delivery, 
  • consumers’ urge for personalization and unique experiences,
  • demand for healthy and/or organic food, and 
  • higher cleanliness/service standards. 

From a supply chain viewpoint, HORECA is a key target market for producers and distributors of food, beverages, equipment, and other related products, with suppliers tailoring their offerings to the unique requirements of this sector in terms of packaging, quantity, and sometimes even product formulation.

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