Full-service carrier (FSC)

A full-service carrier or FSC (sometimes referred to as a legacy airline) is a traditional air carrier with ancillaries included in the ticket fare – as opposed to low-cost carriers (LCCs) that offer lower prices with extra charges for all additional services.

Depending on the airline and flight duration, FSCs typically provide such services as on-board catering, baggage allowance, in-flight entertainment, seat allocation, and other comforts (blankets, travel kits, etc.). In addition, most FSCs offer multi-class service, loyalty program membership, access to airport premium lounges, connecting flights, and other perks.

Other ways in which FSCs are different from LCCs include the predominant use of major airports instead of secondary ones, a more complex booking/ticketing workflow, a more diversified distribution via a network of resellers, and so on.

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