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Cruise line

A cruise line is a company that operates a fleet of ships specifically designed for leisure voyages, where the journey itself and the ship’s amenities are integral parts of the experience. Unlike traditional cargo or transportation/passenger ships, cruise ships are equipped with features tailored to vacationers, such as dining facilities, entertainment venues, recreational areas, and various accommodation types that cater to a wide range of travelers’ tastes and preferences. 

Cruise lines offer voyages around oceans, seas, or rivers. They include both short trips and extended journeys, covering various destinations across the globe. Usually, voyages focus on specific regions like the Caribbean, Mediterranean, or Arctic, with stops at multiple ports of interest. 

Cruise lines often have ships of varying sizes and styles, from intimate luxury vessels to colossal megaships that can house thousands of travelers and crew members.

The largest cruise lines by passengers and revenue are Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Line, and MSC Cruises.