Business class

Business class is a type of cabin class available on many commercial airlines that offers more comfort and comes at a higher cost than economy class. The range of complimentary services and amenities varies across airlines but typically includes 

  • access to business class airport lounges,
  • priority boarding,
  • high-quality food and drink while onboard, 
  • larger and more comfortable seating
  • travel kits, and so on.

Traditionally, business class offered an intermediate level of service between economy class and the most luxurious first class, but today, many airlines don’t provide first-class seating, so business class is the highest tier.

Business class tickets can be purchased when booking a flight, obtained as an upgrade with loyalty program points redemption, or can be a complimentary upgrade for elite-tier frequent flyers.

Some railroads also offer business-class seating, which is usually in separate, more comfortable railcars.

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