Booking confirmation

A booking confirmation is a document usually sent by email or text message that identifies a completed reservation and, if the transaction took place, is proof of payment. 

Booking confirmations are sent out when reserving a service or product online. It mostly relates to travel or entertainment products, such as hotel rooms, vacation rentals, flights, tours, concert tickets, etc.

Typically, a booking confirmation contains a unique code that serves as an identifier and all the information related to the reservation. For example, a hotel booking confirmation would include the guest’s name and contact details, date of arrival, number of nights reserved, price of the booking, property address, check-in and check-out times, cancelation policy information, and so on. 

A flight booking confirmation, besides mandatory passenger and itinerary details, also contains a PNR code (or booking reference) – a unique identifier connected to the digital record of this booking stored in the airline reservation system that allows passengers to manage their booking, track its status, review flight details, etc.

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