Cancelation policy in а hotel

A cancelation policy in а hotel (or vacation rental) is a set of rules and guidelines that determine what happens when a guest cancels their reservation. This policy outlines the timeframe in which a guest can cancel their reservation without penalty, as well as any fees or charges that may apply if the cancelation is made outside of that timeframe. 

A common practice for hotels is to allow their guests to cancel their booking fee-free at least 24 hours before the arrival date, otherwise, the equivalent of a one-night rate will be charged (a so-called one-night penalty policy). However, the cancelation policy varies depending on the property, the type of room booked, the rate, and the time of year. 

It is important for guests to be aware of the cancelation policy when making their reservation to avoid any unexpected charges or fees. Typically, travelers are informed about cancelation rules and penalties during the booking flow (whether reserving directly with the hotel or via a travel intermediary like an OTA). Also, a cancelation policy is usually included in the booking confirmation provided to the guest.

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