Vacation rental management company

A vacation rental management company is an organization that runs its own vacation rentals (apartments, villas, or other alternative accommodation types) and/or manages properties on the homeowner’s behalf providing such services as

  • promoting the property, 
  • distributing the property across multiple channels and managing reservations,
  • guest check-in and checkout,
  • property cleaning and maintenance,
  • communication with guests,
  • issue resolution,
  • revenue management, and others.  

While such companies charge a commission for their services, they often help increase revenue due to a number of factors:

  • advanced technology use,
  • deeper marketing expertise,
  • connection to multiple distribution channels,
  • better customer service, 
  • established network of local cleaning and maintenance staff, and so on.

Some of the biggest global vacation rental management companies are Awaze, Interhome, Vacasa, Sykes Holiday Cottages, and Evolve.

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