Smart hotel

A smart hotel is a property that uses modern technology to make stays more comfortable and convenient for guests. The typical features of a smart hotel are

  • automated check-in and checkout (via website, mobile app, or self-service kiosk), 
  • digital keys, 
  • personalized room settings (lighting, temperature, entertainment systems, etc.) controlled through mobile apps or in-room tablets,
  • voice-controlled devices, and 
  • virtual assistants.

In addition, some smart hotels implement robots that can handle common tasks like providing information, carrying baggage, or delivering things to rooms.

A smart hotel also runs more efficiently and sustainably with the help of such technologies as predictive maintenance, energy consumption control, asset tracking, security systems, etc. 

The tech infrastructure in such smart properties usually includes the interconnected network of Internet of Things (IoT) devices integrated with the main business management tool like a property management system or vacation rental software.

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