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All-inclusive resort

An all-inclusive resort is a property that includes accommodation, meals, snacks, drinks, and access to amenities in the price. Depending on the resort and the type of package, other services like airport transfers, fitness classes, live shows, or scuba diving can also be a part of the deal.

Most all-inclusive packages don’t include top-shelf drinks, spa treatments, off-property tours and activities, etc. Guests also pay extra for additional services like laundry, gourmet menu items, purchases at onsite shops, etc.

As all-inclusive resorts are often located in warm, beachfront destinations, they are a popular vacation choice for leisure travelers who prefer to mostly relax within the property and who appreciate the convenience of having everything paid for in advance (including tips).

Besides all-inclusive, some other common types of packages are European plan (accommodation only), half board, and full board.