Domestic travel

Domestic travel (or internal travel) refers to the act of traveling within the borders of one’s own country, as opposed to crossing international boundaries (international travel). This form of travel encompasses a range of activities from short, local trips within a single region to longer journeys spanning multiple states or provinces within the country.

Domestic travel is often easier and cheaper than international travel because no visas are required, the transit time is usually shorter, and there are no differences in culture, language, food, etc.

Domestic travel plays an important role in supporting the local economy. It promotes the growth of regional tourism, contributes to local businesses, and encourages cultural exchange within the country. Many nations invest significantly in domestic tourism development, highlighting historical sites, natural wonders, festivals, and other attractions to entice their own citizens to explore more of their homeland. Especially in larger or geographically diverse countries, domestic travel can offer a rich array of experiences, nearly as varied as international journeys. 

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