City tour

A city tour is a guided journey through a city that lets visitors learn about and see its important places, history, and culture. It’s a popular leisure activity for tourists and locals in many cities worldwide.

City tours can be bought online or offline directly from service providers – or through resellers (e.g., travel agents). Also, they often come as part of vacation packages developed by tour operators or destination management companies.

During a city tour, a guide with in-depth knowledge about the city takes people to various places of interest like historical buildings, famous landmarks, and local neighborhoods. The guide explains the significance of these places and shares interesting stories and facts. Some city tours also include stops at popular eateries or shops.

City tours usually last several hours and can be done walking, on a bus, in a car, on bikes, etc. They allow people who want to understand a city better to see a lot in a short amount of time. 

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