Sabre (an acronym for Semi-Automatic Business Research Environment) is one of the leading travel technology companies that provides solutions to airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and other businesses. Sabre tech solutions are used in 

  • airport check-in kiosks, 
  • online travel sites, 
  • airline and hotel reservation networks, 
  • travel agent terminals, 
  • business intelligence tools, and so on. 

Alongside Amadeus and Travelport, Sabre is also one of the three biggest GDSs or computer networks that aggregate travel products from various providers and enable their reservation by travel agents. Sabre GDS works with over 60,000 travel agencies selling inventory of around 440 airlines, 50 railway carriers, 37 car rental companies across 40,000 destinations, 20 cruise lines, and more than a million hotel properties. Its main area of distribution is North and South America.

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