Passenger Service System (PSS)

A Passenger Service System or PSS is a network of software applications that help airlines manage all the passenger-related operations from ticketing to boarding.

The PSS comprises three main modules.

  1. An airline or central reservation system contains information on schedules, fares, and reservations, manages booking requests, generates PNRs, and issues tickets.
  2. An airline inventory system controls the availability of seats and manages fare groups.
  3. A departure control system manages passenger-related activities in the airport, e.g., processing check-ins, controlling baggage, printing boarding passes, etc.

Additionally, a PSS can include such optional components as a revenue management solution, retailing platform, and an NDC offer and order management platform.

The top-three providers of comprehensive PSS solutions that together hold about 60 percent of the market are Navitaire, Amadeus Altéa, and SabreSonic.

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