Open jaw flight

An open jaw flight is a type of airline ticket reservation that allows a traveler to fly into one city and depart from another without returning to the original destination. The “jaw” of the itinerary is the segment not covered by air travel, typically serviced by another means of transportation or left as a gap in the journey. 

Open jaw flights are popular among travelers seeking flexibility, especially those looking to visit multiple destinations in one trip without retracing their steps. For example, a tourist might fly from New York to Amsterdam, travel overland (or by a separate flight) to Paris, and then return to New York from Paris. This kind of booking often proves economical and time-saving for the traveler, eliminating the need for a return journey to the initial landing airport.

When booking an open jaw flight, travelers usually need to work with airline alliances or carriers that offer this option, as not all booking platforms or airlines facilitate such itineraries. Pricing for open jaw flights can vary, sometimes providing significant savings over booking separate one-way tickets since the same fare rules apply to such itineraries as to usual return tickets. 

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