An e-ticket, or electronic ticket, is a digital record of confirmation or admission for an event, service, or activity. It can be presented digitally on electronic devices like smartphones or computers for entry or validation. E-tickets replace traditional paper tickets for enhanced convenience, efficiency, and environmental sustainability. 

In travel, transportation providers, like airlines and railways, issue e-tickets to passengers. After completing the booking process online, the passenger receives an e-ticket confirmation via email or in the booking app

E-tickets typically include 

  • the name of the passenger, 
  • departure and arrival airports or stations, 
  • date and time of travel, 
  • seat assignment and carriage number (for rail), 
  • fare rules (for flights), 
  • cost of the ticket, and 
  • any ancillary services purchased (e.g., extra baggage allowance or meals).

To check in for a flight, a passport or ID must be provided. Then the boarding pass is presented at security checkpoints and when boarding the aircraft. In contrast, on rail, travelers can simply present their digital ticket for scanning at the station without the need for a separate check-in process. 

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