Dynamic content

Dynamic content is one that constantly changes (as contrasted with static content) and usually relates to availability and rates. This concept is used in such sectors of the travel industry as hospitality, passenger aviation, rail transportation, tours and attractions, cruises, etc.

Dynamic content is crucial when managing inventory distribution in the travel industry as it has to be constantly updated across all channels. When selling through direct channels only (own website, email, phone, etc.), the availability and rate information is obtained directly from the travel service/product provider’s internal management system. 

However, when distributing through indirect channels (e.g., GDS, OTAs, or metasearch), this dynamic content is usually pulled from the supplier’s system every time the traveler makes a query. Sometimes, a caching system that stores the latest information is developed to reduce the number of API calls to an inventory database.Technology that helps synchronize dynamic content across channels in hospitality is called channel manager software.

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