Hotel content mapping

Hotel content mapping is a process of merging property IDs and other content from different sources into one to avoid inconsistency and duplication in listings. Such issues happen when OTAs source information from multiple channels, like bedbankschannel managersGDSs, or larger OTAs.

Hotel content mapping typically handles such details as

  • contact information,
  • address,
  • ZIP code,
  • general description,
  • geo-location,
  • policies, etc.

There’s also room mapping that works in a similar way but addresses room-related content such as room types, bed types, views, amenities, etc.

The largest mapping services providers are GIATA, Gimmonix, DataBindR, Vervotech, and others. Besides, hotel mapping functionality is sometimes included in booking engines, OTA’s back office systems, and other solutions. 

Hotels can either make use of mapping as a service (uploading inventory information file and then receiving mapped data back) or integrate with a provider via APIs to update information automatically and consistently.

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