Timatic or Travel Information Manual Automatic is a database of travel requirement rules established by IATA in 1963. Today, it stores travel document and regulation rules for over 220 countries collected from over 2,000 sources and updated up to 200 times a day. This includes such details as

  • passport requirements and recommendations,
  • visa requirements and recommendations,
  • health requirements and recommendations,
  • airport tax information,
  • customs regulations concerning the import and export of goods and small pets,
  • currency regulations, and
  • news on regulation changes.

There are two main use cases for Timatic implementation:

  1. Timatic for booking caters to travel agents, offering access to the most accurate passport, visa, and health document requirements information.
  2. Timatic for check-in targets airlines and helps them to streamline and automate their check-in operations, validating passengers against current requirements.

Timatic can be accessed online, via APIs, through CRS/DCS, or as a widget (not all countries). Timatic is also available in paper form via the Tim Manual.

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