Corporate travel program

A corporate travel program is a comprehensive system set up by a company to handle all aspects of business travel such as partnerships with travel service providers, access to booking tools, and often dedicated support for travel arrangements. Such programs aim to streamline the process of organizing business trips, securing discounts, and ensuring traveler comfort and safety. 

Corporate travel programs also define the roles and responsibilities of travel managers, be it an internal travel management department or a third-party travel management company (TMC)

Specialized software (such as online booking tools and travel and expense management systems) supports corporate travel programs, helping companies conveniently manage travel bookings, expenses, and other related processes.

A corporate travel program is a broader concept than a travel policy, which is a set of specific rules and guidelines that company employees must follow while traveling for business. Travel policies cover aspects like budget limits, preferred airlines or hotels, expense reporting procedures, and approval processes. 

While a travel policy sets the rules and boundaries within which travel should take place, a travel program provides the tools and services for booking and managing travel. The policy is about guidelines and limits, while the program is about the execution of travel policy and overall management.

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