Airport Management System

An airport management system is a specialized digital platform that automates and streamlines the main airport operations including passenger processing, baggage tagging and handling, arrival/departure operations, departure control systems, information distribution, and air traffic control (ATC).

The key modules of airport management systems are

  • the airport operational database (AODB) that stores all the flight and operational information;
  • the landside operations module that manages all terminal operations (staffing, maintenance, asset management, etc.) and airline departure control (passenger check-in, customs, baggage handling, screening, etc.);
  • air traffic management that automates aircraft handling and parking;
  • invoicing and reporting; and
  • airport information system (AIS) that manages all the internal and external information.

Some of the popular providers of comprehensive airport management systems are SITA, Damarel Systems International LTD, Amadeus, and Pacific Controls.

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