Our Perks

We care about our people. We make the conditions for them to feel good about work, life and themselves. By becoming one of us, this is what you get.


Generous Time-Off Policy

Get refreshed, when and for as long as you need, with our paid vacation days that you can carry over, paid medical leave, and a possibility to get sick days.

Subsidized Self-Development

Sharpen your skills through funded training, seminars and conferences, constantly updated corporate library, and certifications.

Flexible Hours

Have a breath of fresh air in the middle of the workday or come right after running your personal errands – Just coordinate your activity with the office for working with clients and colleagues effectively.

Legal Services

Turn to our in-house lawyer that can consult you on any legal questions and address any issues you may have.

Convenient Workplace Environment

Enjoy our board games, bicycle parking and showers, a lounge room for having a break and hosting in-house events, a Ping Pong table, tea, coffee, milk, cookies, honey, fruits and other delicious things found in the kitchen.

Memorable Leisure Activities

Be a member of our football team and have fun being a part of our stunning corporate holidays, events, and team building activities.
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