AltexSoft’s Work Receives Appreciation from the USAID

San Diego, CA – February 3, 2015 – AltexSoft, a Technology & Solution Consulting company, is honoured to receive a letter of appreciation from David Michael Vaughn, Chief of Party at FAIR Justice Project. The project is initiated by United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote the rule of law in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Judiciary system is planned to overgo a complex transformation process as a part of overall National Reform Strategy. These changes are aimed at building accountability and transparency of key judicial institutions, streamlining their operations and thus bringing Ukrainian Judiciary closer to European and international standards.

AltexSoft assisted USAID team in performing technological and methodological analysis of the international best practices in the field of using E-Justice tools. To deliver the necessary results, we have conducted an in-depth research of the corresponding systems implemented by the governments of the USA, Canada, the EU (France, Italy, the Netherlands, Finland, the UK), Australia, Singapore and Russia.

Based on the research data and our team’s technical expertise, AltexSoft has provided valuable professional and technical recommendations regarding the concept implementation. Our work has been acknowledged and appreciated by the USAID FAIR Justice Project team.

“[The team of USAID-sponsored FAIR Justice Project is grateful to AltexSoft] for supporting our Project through the conduction of the technical expertise of the Concept for Implementing Procedural E-Justice Tools and Reforming the Logistical and Administrative Infrastructure of the Judiciary of Ukraine, prepared by FAIR. We highly appreciate your input into this important initiative, especially the analysis of international best practices in the field of using E-Justice technology, as well as your professional recommendations with regard to the Concept,” stated David Michael Vaughn, Chief of Party at USAID FAIR Justice Project.

About AltexSoft

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About FAIR Justice Project

The FAIR Justice Project (FAIR) is the USAID initiative. It has been operating in Ukraine since 2011. Its mission is to promote Ukraine’s democratic development and economic growth by helping establish a fair, accountable, independent and transparent judiciary.