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The AltexSoft blog is a niche, highly-targeted platform that addresses problems, solutions, and opportunities in the tech world. We do talk value to people who make game-changing tech decisions in their businesses.

Having published almost 50 guest articles from such contributors as Amadeus, DataQuest, MobileMonkey, and CloudFactory, we welcome industry experts to provide insights for our readers!

Topics that we cover

  • Machine learning
  • Financial technology
  • Travel technology solutions
  • Transportation technology
  • UX
  • Digital transformation
  • Legacy system optimization
  • Native and cross-platform mobile development
  • Product architecture

How does it work?

You pitch us your best ideas. Describe your idea or make a list of the topics that you’d like to write about. If we agree on the story, you provide a short but mutually exclusive outline letting us know what you’re up to submit.

You send us your finished story. If we agree on the topic and the outline, you can send us your finished (unique, never previously published) text. The story’s size should be within 1500-3600 words and apply to our editorial guidelines that you can find below.

We may do some editing. If your story fits great but has a reasonable number of mistakes we’ll moderately edit it and negotiate prior to publishing it. We may also make minor changes to boost the search engine performance of your story.

We link back to you. Provide your short bio including links to your corporate website, Twitter/LinkedIn, and credentials. You may also provide your 200×200 px portrait to be featured in the story.

We promote. All stories are published in our Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook accounts, and shared to our newsletter subscribers. The most relevant of them will be promoted through the paid social media channels.

Main guidelines:

1. The article should be exhaustive within the chosen topic and the reader audience. We appreciate narrow-focused stories explored from different angles that give a unique or more detailed insight compared to similar publications.

2. All claims that you make should be backed by facts. We aren’t fond of expressions like: ‘Everybody knows’, ‘It’s obvious’, etc. Include relevant links to trusted and open sources of information.

3. Use images, provide captions, and make sure that you have rights to use them. If you’re using graphs or illustrations from other sources, make sure to provide a link to the original. If you’ve created your own scheme or diagram, our designers will adapt them to suit our corporate style.

4. Carefully structure your text. Most readers on the web screen through content rather than reading every letter. So, make sure to break your thought monolith into logical blocks and enrich them with clear subtitles.

5. Make your insights actionable. Ask yourself whether a reader will be able to act upon your advice right away after going through your story. If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track.

6. We don’t accept openly promotional materials, however, you can highlight your or your company’s expertise if it fits naturally into the flow of the text. Keep your story educational and useful by making an effort to create a valuable source of information.

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