The project is a secure enterprise platform with a suite of mobile adaptive apps. It automates business processes for companies operating in strictly regulated industries, such as aviation, transportation, medicine etc. It helps companies streamline manual and time-consuming processes as well as make compliance and training easy. The system is comprised of several modules for automating Documentation management, Reporting, Training & Evaluation, Quality & Safety management, Business Intelligence with comprehensive reports, a secure chat, and various custom solutions for the aviation industry. The client is a US-based company that has 11 Fortune500 companies as their customers and continues to grow constantly.

Knowledge & Experience: 

  • .NET Framework 4.0
  • ASP.NET Web Forms / ASP.NET MVC 5 / ASP.NET Web API / ASP.NET SignalR 2
  • Entity Framework 6
  • WCF
  • MS SQL Server 2014 / T-SQL
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • jQuery / AngularJS
  • DevExpress 13 / Telerik Kendo UI
  • StructureMap IoC
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  • ReSharper
  • Jira
  • Git
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration
  • Scrum
  • Unit Testing
  • English Level: Intermediate (at least)