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Transportation is one business area that can both drive and sink all other sectors. Retail, healthcare, finance, travel – all are heavily influenced by technology in transportation. So, fixing logistics problems should be a priority for all businesses that handle shipping or delivery. Use this platform to chat with logistics professionals, learn about the advanced systems and software, and take part in conversations that concern the industry professionals.

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Cross-docking is a logistics technique in which you distribute products directly to their users. Typically, a manufacturer would deliver the produce to a warehouse, where it will be stored until customer demand arises. If it does. Cross-docking helps to eliminate product aging or damage by handling it immediately.

This usually happens in a hub (often adjusted to a warehouse), where a truck unloads products, they get scanned, sorted, and reloaded into trucks that will deliver them directly to customers. This can happen as fast as under an hour. So, trucks arrive, each with its own type of product, and then leave, each carrying a variety of products for each customer. To make this process truly seamless, trucks and warehouses require automation technology. Today, this is the most effective method to deliver products quickly.

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Hi there,

Many players provide comprehensive fleet management solutions (FMSs). The list starts with Geotab, Verizon, Teletrac Navman, and Fleetio.

Verizon Connect. This large FMS supplier covers distribution, fleet maintenance, fuel, and transportation management, GPS tracking, logbook, logistics, service, and transportation dispatch.
Geotab. This is your choice if you want a customizable solution. Geotab’s rich functionality includes customizable mapping, GPS vehicle tracking, route optimization, engine health and maintenance, and open data integration.
Teletrac Navman. It’s one of the largest FMS vendors providing cost-efficient offers.
Fleetio. This simple solution works well for maintenance management, fuel and inventory tracking, and driver scheduling.

For a more detailed overview of these FMSs, read our article. The story also covers all modules under the FMS umbrella.

Among other decent FMS options, have a look at:

  • GPS Insight for its multiple reporting features and a shared whiteboard
  • TomTom for its long-distance (over 20,000 km) tracking
  • Wialon by Gurtam for its 24/7 tech support and specific services like eco-driving
  • Omnitracs for easy logs editing
  • Whip Around for its flexibility in making changes and adding new users, vehicles, locations, forms, etc.
  • and Samsara for its quick location updates (about 15-20 seconds)
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