Business Analysis and Optimization

A Business Analyst (BA) plays possibly the most underestimated and obscure role within the software development process. However, the BA’s functions are crucial to any serious project.

AltexSoft clients appreciate our long-range approach to business analysis. This approach makes your software agile enough to keep step with the new trends, while simultaneously incorporating legacy systems. AltexSoft analysts will contribute to your success in several ways:

  • Scoping the system. Our BAs will translate the initial vision into a realistic plan, containing actual software requirements and business/user workflows.
  • Comprehensive documentation. The project will be defined in a way that developers will be able to easily understand and implement; ensuring that your expectations are met and exceeded.

IT business analysis is the process of determining the project’s basic challenges, such as the business’ and potential user’s needs, and finding solutions to these problems. This process is the first, and most important, in software development; resulting in the precise vision, software requirements specification, and definition of business/user workflows.
Experienced clients turn to AltexSoft business analysts for software requirements analysis because they realize proper implementation of this process ensures that software will meet their expectations and user needs, which is our main priority. In some cases, we send our BAs to work with you on site to get familiar with your business and meet the stakeholders in person. Analysis performed by our business analysts create several advantages for including:

  • Ability to hand over the development documentation to any development team in the world.
  • Reduced risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding between the product owner and the development team.
  • Reduced costs of code changes at later stages of the development, caused by requirement and architecture changes.
  • Reduced costs of fixing errors and inconsistencies in specification and business logic by early detection in the analysis.